NAPA Membership Categories

Agricultural Resource Service Providers: Those whose agricultural professional responsibilities include assisting agritourism venue owners with regulatory and/or policy challenges by providing the tools and resources needed to start or sustain an agritourism venue; provide information on latest marketing trends; are employees of departments of agriculture, tourism, commerce, etc.; universities; Cooperative Extension; attorneys; insurance agents; other professionals committed to the sustainability of the agritourism/direct market farmer or rancher or similar agricultural business entrepreneur.

Agritourism Venue Owners: Agricultural professionals who offer educational, informational, and/or entertaining tours to the public on their farms/ranches/vineyards/direct market farms/on-farm markets; wineries; breweries; distilleries; farm stays; agricultural venues with farm-to-food restaurants; on-farm mills; other agricultural establishments with similar goals that invite visitors to learn more about agriculture.